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Diaries Owner Linkies Hello Lovelies,Welcome to my blog of charm.

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Young Memorise

 When I Was Young I Thought That Bubbles Are  Edible So I Taste It ,It Was Sweet~^^ So I Told My Fren To Taste It Too But She Choke On The Bubble O~O Then I Even Tried Using Soap To Brush My Teeth  ^^" One Time When I Was In School There Was This Boy Calling himself A" Policemen..."And Told Me That His "Police Phone"Is Inside His Bag And I Belive Him Okay We Were Like 5-6 Years That Time.
My Handwriting.........SO AWSOME!!^^

✉My Christmas Pretz And Sand Art!✉

Today When I Was At The Mailbox And I Saw My Xmas Mail!Yay!And This Is How It Looked Like!^^


4 Tada...! (>‿◠)✌


 Awww It Got A Tatoo Of A heart Shape For Me! :'3
Happy Valentine Day !
Video Done By Me

╰☆╮Ice Cream╰☆╮

Today Went To Eat IceCream With My Family!:D And It Was So Yummy!><
Haha Srry To Those Hungry Freaks Out There That Can't Control But Does'nt It Look So Yummy?;)

Drew A Smiley ^^

My Dumb Idea ツ

Noooo!T^T My Phone Is Abit Spoilt Cause I Cant Tap Them :( Even My Nokia Phone Can Last Longer Then This ==" I Can Even Use It For Hammer And It Won't Broke.JustNow Was my Camera Now My Phone whts Next My Laptop!?!Ok Fine Im Gona Touch Everyone >:3
Okay So Heres The Broken camera Tht I Told You Abt Its Actually Off But This Lens Thing Wont Go Back Inside!:(
Heres The Phone!Sometimes It Works Sometimes It Don't Shud Take A Good Oppotunity Of It While Its Still Works :p

☠My Evil Hand☠

IDon'tKnow Why But Everything I Touch Broke!Like Today I Spoiled My Camera!T^T And Few Weeks Ago I Broke My Glass!And Now My Phone Is Also Abit Spoilt.Few Weeks Ago I Also Spoil My Another Phone But Its A 2nd Handed Phone Anyways Hehe :3 OMGAWD!HelpMeh!!What Wrong Wif My Hand!Q-Q What Shud I Do?Help Pls?!:<


☃Christmas Coming☃

Christmas Is Coming!Deciding To Exchange Present Wif Fren!^^ HAHA!Who Wan Exchange With me?:D But I Nothing Much To Give People :\ Ltr Still Nid Go Out Buy Things :P Later Who Want Accompany Me Go Beg For Money!I'll Share My loots With Youh!:D 

♀A Day Out With Elaine♀

Today Went Mcdonald With Elaine To Eat!^^
Haha Jealous?
Yep Thts Her!^^

My Junior Turtle ♔

HiHi!^^ See That Green Thing There?Yes!Thts My Pet Turtle.Very Cute Right?:D He Has Been With Me For Almost Half A Year Already Even Though I Stop Playing Wif Him But I Still Love Him.When Ever I Scare Him He Will Hide In The Shell.One Time I Put His Tank Near My Window There Then I Suddenly Hear A Loud Contain Drop On Floor Sound. And Yep......Just Like Wht You Thought The Whole Thing Fell Outside My Window O^O The Most Lucky Thing Is That I Live In 3rd Storey So No Big Injuries Happened To Him.But He Hide Inside His Shell For Quite Long :/ The Container Broke Only..Haha So He Still Alive Anyway....♕

Heres My babe!:D

Close Up View Of Junior

My Babe Eattin ^^

♆Going To Sec♆

♆Hi EveryBodey! :D Im Seowwei And Now Im 12 Year Old Haha Going To Sec Soon :P Pfft Actually I Dun Want Go Sec School But Too Bad Must Go :( Very Scary Eh Seeing New Ppl And Leaving My Fwen :( Now Holiday Nth To Do So Sian :\ Anyway This Is My First Post So Nth Much To Write Yeah..^^♆