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my sec life

hiii im sec one now and my keyboard got prob i cant use shift i cant use backspace and i cant use the letter 'p'i know i just use it.. thts bcus i copy and paste the letter'p' here and i usually use caps in every first word but becus of my keyboard i cant ughh.. anw im gona introduce u mehh fren :D
This is Raewen btw :b 
they are idiots but they are mine idiots :D you touch them u DIE 


Her Readers!(If There Is One)HAHA..!Its New Year!:D Its Been Soo Long Since I update My Blog LOL .Gotten New Shoe,Clothes,Things..And Next Year Im Moving To New House But Its Next Year Ah.I Dun Hav Any Pictures To Update So It Will Quite Boring La..So Im Going To Clementi Town Sec This Year~\(^.^)/\(^-^)/\(^~^)/