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Family Bonding

Hey :) Y'know All familys have their own problem right?some end up divorce and shits like that. And some of us even witness it.But for me.. the problem is not in my parents Its me. Like how other familys are so bonded but yet mine is diff. In a way, We are just humans living under the same shelter. They just do their own thing and i do mine. Like i said the problem is not in my parents its me..Im the one who just sit around and not trying to take the first move. I would just sit in my room the whole day and the only time i step out of my room when necessary.

So when   we were having our dinner outside my dad told me that if i failed my exams he wouldn't care much and wont leave any big impact on him. I hurts to know he didn't cared abt me anymore. I did ask them for tutions but they really did'nt took it seriously.Everyone left me one by one but i thought my family would be there for me but..i guess i was wrong. I used to have really nice friends^^ but they left me..But thats beyond the point. I don't socialise with people not even my parents but thats alright I will continue to stay strong and fight for my own future :)

Im not writting this just for you guys to show symphathy  for me. Im writting this so just to let you know your not alone there are millions of orphan wished they had a parents. though i don't have a strong relationship between my parents but nvm im still glad i had one :)


; hey, I really hate people who judges. although I know that this is a judgmental society, but, what's the use of judging others? especially when you don't even know them? judging people based on their looks isn't what you can only do, alright? "Ignorance Is Bliss." -> you should take this advice if anyone accused you for nothing, just because some people judge, and started to spread rumours. Get a life, dudes.. Not trying to be rude or what. I'm just stating the fact. And conclusion: this is a judgmental society, no matter what you do, you still get judge. live it. x

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HELLO READERS. Today history exam finish then me and raewen chiong to IMM playground and then we went to Jcube and had alot of fun :D
I know i kindof look like a idiot in the photos XD



Today after science exam, we were released early so me and raewen went Jurong Point and then saw Mavis and Mei Hui, At first we got abit lost in the mall but we manage to find our way out HAHAHS X3 And then we go to my house and watch Toradora[Anime show btw] I even drew a few picture of Toradora. And we went back clementi to buy my mothers day pretz. But when we were on our "Journey" Something Went abit wrong but we didn't let it affect us so we stay positive and let nth negative affect us ;D Its one of my best day ever :) And we also help each other to achive our goals.I not going to eat for the next entire week and have a heavy breakfast So by the end of the week i would had save $20 while she would be able to save $25 and we can use that money to go clothes shopping and at the same time it also  help me to be skinny-ier Win-win situation ;D

Im sick of school. Im sick of my classmates And Im sick of the teachers.Im sick of everyone.Im sick of putting up shits everyday and pretend that im alright. Bloody school Bloody humans Bloody teachers Im JUST SICK OF IT. Im sick of expressing my own feelings out and yet no one cares no one gives a shit. Im sick of getting judged by people just because im being myself. Im sick of my teachers that had always looked down on me. Im sick of not given a chance. Im sick of being judged socially . Im sick of being accused with no edvidence and no proof. I HATE EVERYONE SO MUCH. When i needed my friends the most WOOSH they're gone. Im sick of being ignored and yet pretend it was ok. BUT ITS NOT. Im sick of pretending someone im not just to pleased the society.Im sicked of being called "that girl" When they obviously know my name. I missed everyone. i missed how they use to be so close to me . but they changed.  I really missed my friends so badly. They were once my friend and now they are against me.  Most of all im sick of how much this affect my life.

I feel sorry for my parents.
They're getting older and weaker , day by day.Yet they still manage to stay strong.Here they are going to work just so I can have food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over my head, even just to buy me unnecessary things. 
Then comes me; talking back , not being thankful for everything they've done for me, yelling at them , being impolite, etc. I admit, i do feel bad but sometimes i cant help it. I just wish there was a way I could be more "respectful" to them.

HEYY ;] So tired. Came bak home from doing DNT[Design N Technology] I actually finished my one alr but me and siti stayed bak to help a friend with hers.But majority of it i do one  lahs heheh. And i have some spare times i cut into an heart shape,  But very ugly one luhs

HARO!!Anws I won't be posting much these lately as my mid-year exam is coming.But if have time i will still post de . So.. Raewen cut hair le now its around my hair length. Somehow we look like twin frm behind HEHEH Now see how you going to slap people face with your hair now. If yr reading this then just wan to tell u tht u look NICE lah dun worry de yr hair will grow longer one day k? :) And so i nearly fainted in the MRT train cus i didn't eat the whole day and just drink water to keep myself full . Despite how fat i am, i was considering of taking diet pills but on a second thought its not worth it.