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My 13th Birthday! :D

Hello :D And yay is my birthday My Bff gave me a gift which Contains CHOCOLATE OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Few more hours and I shall say Byebye to my birthdayThough It seems like a normal day but for the first time my birthday wish came true.And thank You Wifey for the Chocolate And also wishes from others. To Show my appreciation I shall send my love to everyone i care Srry to all those that had endure my Mood swing especially the ones that had been so close to me If I ever hurt any of you Im reallyreally sorry. And especially my wifey We do things that other Normal people wouldn't. We do what we want Not caring how society would Judge us. Cus

So I shall come to an end to my Birthday Thanks for everything


Russian Guy In Mrt Train

So when I was taking Mrt Train home ,One of the russian guy complain say singaporean Bodoh.Which means stupid. I've seen Freaks like him in mrt before but this time he was quite overboard. And he thinks russian ppl are better than singaporean. It started when this Plump guy complain say that he squeeze in the train when its already so pack. I was Literally breathless and he just kept squeezing in. And ofc tht russian guy heard it was like really agitated la. He talk back"No money no train,Finacial Blablabla" His whole topic was on money which doesn't really relate  to the situation.And the worse is on every sentence he finished he will spit at me ._.   


We were bored X3

Inspiration from Bee-chan

Here’s how to stay inspired: (BY BEE-CHAN.) lol
Sleep early and wake up early. Get some sleep, girl! Lack of sleep makes you grumpy and moody!

  1. Eat right! Food is your best friend. 
  2. Exercise. Work that body. Shake your booties! lol 
  3. Motivate yourself everyday. Start your day by looking at the mirror and saying “You are beautiful. You are wonderfully made.” Be creative, too!
  4. Fill your head with happy thoughts. Always be happy. You have no time for negative blahs. 
  5. Laugh. Tell jokes. Listen to jokes. Be with your friends! 
  6. Surround yourself with happy people. They will affect you. 

Choose to be inspired. Because you can’t be inspired if you don’t decide to look at the bright side.

worse bus trip ever

Okay so on Last friday after my badminton trainning then I take bus home. When In bus,The guy behind me keep kicking my seat  == The friend tell him to kick my leg.wtf? Ok nvm I won't argue. Then this guy suddenly pop out beside my thigh like he was gonna do smth. Then the friend was like "Eh Don't!" Then they put the lighter beside my seats. And they were playing with lighter and I thought they were going to burn me or smth ._.  I was damn scared y'know its abt 10pm at night sia And the bus driver don't care one == They even have the CCTV on top.I wonder if im even the first victim. Cus no one sat there ._.

School re-open

School re-open. Things are the same but still hating school as always not cause of homework lah but something else..Got addicted to blackshot again.Gosh. Not a good thing . Cause once i start to play i dun stop. Since school re-open i always had been observant looking out for that "guy".The more of thinking of it the more desperate i am. Life still sucks as always.  so when i was in a train with a few of my friends 
A;There are so much things to worry about life
B;Its not life if you have nothing to worry
For the first time i have to agree with him..gosh