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Last sat I went to Malaysia for this free car

nival And we also took a ride in a yatch It was AMAZING :D And it was really really windy so you'll see my hair really messy

Lastyears photos

These were some photos I took Last year.I used to love playing with my Webcam that i would take tons of photos. [ Not those type that camwhore to gain attention.] I camwhore cause I like the feeling of looking a picture of yrself like an eyecandy .But now If I camwhore I would get judge by others and be called an attention seeker And since I need to clear up some stuff in my desktop I decide to put it in my blog rather to have it deleted.And since my webcam is spoiled I can't video chat with my friends anymore.And when I told them my webcam spoiled They think I made up an excuse ._. You can never please anyone..

Happy Hari Raya !~

Happy Hari Raya to all my malay friends ^.^