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Hongster kia

Sibei dulan. Met this guy act like one paikia . And every 5 min he would disturb my friend .  One aft another , Hong so many girls and my friend is one of the victim. And you know this feeling sucks to have yr Friend fall into a hand of a hongster?And every now and then he would just show her acttitude .Just because i offence him,  Tht humji pubor say want find me and  want bring his mon come wor.aww Someone still need thier mum to change thier diapper.  Still say wut wan slap me? Lol i would like to see that (:

Like Mummie & Daughtie ^^

Found This In the Recycle Bin , Decided To Edit it and put it on my blog HEHEHEs^^ Dun mind my weird face x.x

Hello Kitties Beauties

Hello, Haven't been blogging for quite long eh? So i bought this Cute Hk body lotion With cherry essence (Basically I would Buy Anything Thats Cute) And it comes with a free Hk make up remover wipes!Weeeeee. Btws, tdy My mum waked me up in the morning Just to make me check if theres cat outside our house lols..Cause last time there use to cats entering our house through the doors._. HEHEHEs
You lil cutie where have you been in my life? OwO
Since theres time ..OOTD!

Okay Buai!(: