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2014 Happy New Year !! ^^

Hey!! Its 2014 That means School Is starting soon :(  I guess There's already a lot of people spamming on Your timeline,Newsfeed,Etc Of the same thing Every Year . So I'm going to talk about my resolution for 2014 and some stuffs. For 2014, I Will try to work hard so I can get to Express ,Though It's something I would tell myself EVERY  Year But It's My last chance to get to Express and I'm really Stress out about it  . So on March or July I will be moving house which means I need to transfer school  ))): So My mum had applied a few schools and currently waiting for respond. The school I had in mind now is EdgeField Sec If there isn't any slot for me then I might have to Carry on with my current school Till the end of the year which Means I have to wake up really early as the travel time takes around 1hr 30 min And yes I know It's Ridiculously Far but what choice do I have ? And since I'm a heavy sleeper Waking up early It's something  Impossible for me to do . And If you know me , You should know How I'm Always late for Everything . And Gosh This Things are stressing me out ><  And lately I've been spending  Cash on gaming more than I'm suppose to , You'll be shocked how much I've spend on just 1 game [ Some of you might had already know] So which Leads to the 3rd Problem . And Last of all , I didn't do my Holiday Homework . I guess It's hard for me to change from a Slacker >Hardworking . At the start of 2014 , I have to worry about those stuffs . I guess I got to start from somewhere..Oh well wish me luck ^^

Ps. Gosh What a long post ._.


     Not too late to say Merry Christmas I hope ?So Here's going to be a short post about Christmas since to be honest I don't have much to say . So I'm a type of person who Fancies Christmas tree,Mistletoe, Log cakes, Anything that relates to Christmas Cause those things make me go weeee~ So Few weeks before Christmas , Me and Rae had prmoise each other that we should go Orchard road to celebrate Christmas Eve  But it was a false hope , hopefully next year we could Oh and not to forget, My mum bought this Smaller version of Christmas Tree for me , I've tried asking her many times to buy me the bigger ones cause those are the prettiest. So here's the Mini tree to Replace my obsession over the Christmas tree
[ I have to admit I over edited the photo]
Ouh, And the decorations were from Daiso that i bought last year for $2 Though It's Plain but you can't expect much with such low budget.  I've also used the decoration for last years and I've blog about it in my past year posts

 These were bought last year and were used for this years decoration . So I came back from Penang last week and took a selfie too Heheh
So I came to an end of the post , i wish everyone a great year ahead 2014  

Liebster Award

Xiexie Arcie for nominating Me I Love you Muahx, I've seen other bloggers done it but personally had not done it before and It's Also My 1st Award I had.So before I start , I Gathered some Information I got From other Bloggers Reviews .The word 'Liebster'  has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart and welcome
Rules: [ 1 ] Post 11 Random Facts About Yourself
[ 2 ] Answer The 11 Questions The awarding Blogger has posted for you
[ 3 ] Nominate 11 Bloggers For the reward and link them in your post
[ 4 ] Let the bloggers you had nominated know they are nominated
[ 5 ] No Tag Backs :)
11 Facts About Myself
[ 1 ] My name is spelled wrongly due to the fact that my dad lacks of intellegence
[ 2 ] I'm very Anti-Social
[ 3 ] I can gleek
[ 4 ] I'm very narrow Minded
[ 5 ] I talk to myself sometimes
[ 6 ] I'm a hardcore gamer
[ 7 ] I swear alot
[ 8 ] I hate large spaces
[ 9 ] I Love badminton
[ 10 ] I Don't tolerate nonesence
[ 11 ] Im 154cm ==

Rae's Questions
[ 1 ]Q: What is your favourite colour?
       A: BabyPink :3

[ 2 ]Q: Last person you texted?
       A: Can't Rmb><

[ 3 ]Q: Awesomest thing you did?
       A: Everything I Does With Arsie :3

[ 4 ]Q: Most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you
       A: Rejections ):

[ 5 ]Q: Who are your best friends and how did you meet them?
       A: The chic That set me this questions. School Duh :3

[ 6 ]Q: Do you cuss?
       A:Yeah Alot :3

[ 7 ]Q: First impressions?
       A:Pretty, Cute <3

[ 8 ]Q: Do you meet people online a lot?
       A: Yupyups Im pathetic

[ 9 ]Q: What is your future ambition?
       A: Let the furture decide ~

[ 10 ]Q: Do you like llamas?
         A: Okok lah

Here's My question to the nominees:
[ 1 ] What do like about yourself ?
[ 2 ] Who Inspired you to blogging ?
[ 3 ] How Long you've been Blogging ?
[ 4 ] Do you like how you look ?
[ 5 ] What makes you continue to Live on ?
[ 6 ] Do you have any resolutions for 2014?
[ 7 ] Can you live without your phone ?
[ 8 ] Last person that makes you smile ?
[ 9 ] How do you Define Happiness?
[10] Are you willing to be friends with me ? :D

Im Going to nominate :