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School's shyts

Never in my life have i hated school so Much SOSOVERY Much that I wish I could just Drink Bleach and be like LA LA LA LA I AM A PRETTY UNICORN, AND UNICORN DON'T GO SCHOOL BEETCH :l (wtf?) anyway , I didn't know my late coming issues have become so serious that the 2 Vice principle had to council me about my gaming issues . But ofc ,  They just have to get your parent involve.  Like why can't they just Leave my parent Alone ? Whyyyyyyyyyyy? :<

Sometimes , is not the game i'm addicted to . It's the kind of happiness it gives me to keeps me going to continue playing . 

Valentine Day?

How about Happy Loner Day ? Anyway I Assume those who are reading this are those who are loner like me   Cause the one with their loves one had already went out but instead loner like us had to suffer .If you think Being alone is bad enough you should have see me running for my life when a cockroach was on my leg for like HOW MANY HOUR ?But still, I wish everyone a  happy valentine made someone day by saying 'I love you',  
Will you accept my love ? 


Fuck . Fuck School. Fuck This life.
So to start off, I was late today . And since it was my 5th time , I had to be  suspended from class. So The Vice-principle made me write Reflections and time management and whatever shits . Then I was send for counselling .Fuck. When suspension was over I still have to go For Detention ._. For Detention They made us Clean the Stairs Corridor . After Going so much torture , My form Teacher Humilliate me In front of Everyone. She told the whole class I was suspended(This shows that she don't show respect for student's privacy)   and She told everyone that I always don't Pin up my fringe WHICH WAS A FUCKING LIE . Ever since the start of the year I did pin up my fringe. I realised (or maybe it's just my assumption) that the teacher had always been picking on me since last year,For example, There was this girl in my class , Who always had her Fringe touching her eyebrows but That Bitch Didn't even care instead she scolded me for my fringe. And there was also once where we asked her for help but she didn't took it to heart instead she ignore and forgot about it .The most fucked up teacher ever?  if you think i'm being ridiculously  unreasonable ,Why not take over my life ? It seems to be in society that every teachers of every parent's eyes believes that teachers are ALWAYS right . Damn Fucked up society Isn't it ? Turning Such lies into reality
I dun usually blog about my inner emotional thoughts cause I felt uncomfortable sharing such personal issues like this. But i really hope that this post might help open my friend's eyes that who our form teacher true colours really is .