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Bak from china

Hi ^^ so last week I've been to china and it was awesome  .To be honest , what disappoint me the most was the toilets . You know why ? It has no doors ._. Now this is even more ridiculous compared to our local hawker center toilets . And you know what's even more ridiculous ?people smoking in the lift and hotel . It was outrageous .A hand full of amount of them were really somehow a disgrace (don't get the wrong idea ,I don't mean all china people are like that )it was really unbearable . But the service was just fine .Other than those that I've mention above , overall It was great. But one of the days , I gotten a stomach flu. Constantly vomiting tho there's nth left to vomit. Since it was in the middle of the night , I was send to the nearest hospital and they gave me an injection and some medication. The next few days I gotten better but I lose my appetite . I didn't ate a lot till the last day of the trip . Oh and I was lucky enough to catch a sight of it snowing .

We also went to the panda exhibition .It was so adorable !!^^

Ofcourse . All good things must come to an end . We went to the airport to eat something light and there's nothing much on the menu so I ordered potato chips . We waited for so long and in the end they gave me crushed up potato chips that taste like its going to expired soon. Also , the food they gave on the plane was even more horrible than the chips . Thanks to this trip I learn to appreciate more ,like example,learn not to complain about dirty toilet even as how dirty the toilet might be it's still way better than toilets without doors(i wonder how is guy able to pee without doors._.),appreciate the food ,local food is still the best, appreciate fast and efficient waitress or waiter that doesn't gives you shitty food after you waited for just something as simple as a glass of water . Anyway this have been the longest post so far XD I must have bored u alr . Anws bye ^^