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Girls should hang out with guys cause there's less drama ?

I could verify the flagrant wrongness of this terrible stereotype that thinks girl should hang out with guys cause it's less drama. I can tell you there are even more drama between a male and a female . People are being brainwashed by this sophistry that is circulating the world . As a matter of fact girls hang out with guys as they are in the center of spotlights that gives them satisfying attention rather than having a bunch of girls that sees you nothing less but it's own kind of species. Of course I'm not saying that girls can't hang out with guys , but it's thier intentions that matters . Intentions of trying to gain attentions to please one self is a disgrace to humanity .

Life is not a competition , certain things in life are , but not life itself. If you live with the mindset that you have to compete with every female that you meet, for males attention,or what have you, you're setting back your gender and eventually people will notice, and you'll lose respect no matter What you do.you're not doing yourself any favour, your just burning the bridges with half the population because you "get along with guys better"