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Kawaii Burger :)

I was bored so I edited my unglam burger 
Let's see how the kawaii burger looked when it's close up
Now let's see how the Unglam burger looks when it's close up
And I edit some other photos also uh 

Fairy Tail

My burfday~

Yay me ~~~~
It's my birthday~and I'm 14 this year ~~4 years more till my legal age .
Okay so I would like to thank my dear Arsie for that amazing video , and I also appreciate Hari being part of it too , Ty Hari ~~ And Thanks Nelson for the Adorable dog  and Thanks to my Real jie jie and my fake jie jie Shaunie ~~ and also Ty Edmund for staying till 12 am to wish me birthday ~~And also my damn amazing partner , Nadiah . And also thanks for the birthday wishes on my timeline from people that I don't know . And also thank you Hui xin jie jie for the selfie rod <3 and thanks Siti for trying to sing half of the bd song this morning , appreciate the effort there lols ~~~ and thanks to the others that didn't give a shit about my bd ~

Thanks jie for making an effort to sing me bd song , appreciated ~ and um thanks dad for siting on the couch and watching Tv , thanks a lot ~ so yea . 

Photocopy machines

Sometimes it scares me a little to think if everyone was like fake. It's liked someone had photocopied billions of humans into this world.Think about it , everyone are equally the same , the reason why we are so different from one another is because of our surroundings . Every hour , minute , seconds . Whatever is happening to you right now might Change your future. Even by reading this , I have pratically  change some aspect of your future. No one is born to be talented in a certain aspect or so . It's what we are exposed to made us good at certain things.  Everyone has love , selfish , hate , happiness , sadness , jealous etc those are what define us as humans and we are born with it.
Every babies that are born are like mother making photocopies of thier own kind . And having those characteristic of all those emotion , after they are being exposed to the outside world , they would change according to what they are exposed to . 
Let's put it this way , if you had 2 baby and they are exactly identical , baby A was raised up in Northpole and baby B was raised up in Southpole . If they were to meet each other , it would be like meeting another complete stranger . 
The native people in any particular country , they are just so similar in terms of the way they dress , thier accent etc no one taught them to speak with accent , no one taught them to dress like this . But why ? It's because of what they are exposed to . 

I didn't like it ..It scares me to think what if the reason I like pink is because society says that girls likes pink, and boys like blue . Girls like Barbie doll and boys like Pokemon . Girls like shopping and boys like gaming.

I don't have any specific reason for my liking of pink . No one told me girls should like pink and boys should like blue . No one ever told me that kind of bullshit. But if my liking for pink is because of society then what is me ? Do I like things that society thinks is what girls should like ?  I like pink , hello kitty , and cute stuff but ... Is that me ? Or was it society that brainwashed me ? I don't know . But there is girl that act like tomboy . Maybe they just don't want to follow the stereo types .

My second topic
You know I've read about this book and it's about afterlights that do the same thing everything like a routine for comfort , and if they break away from thier routine , it will start to feel abit weird .
Similarly I do have a very unhealthy routine. I tried to break out of my routine but it doesn't work . My routine doesn't requires me of using my brain or using my body . I just have to sit around and eat . And if suddenly if I would to start a new routine that requires me to use my brain or my body I might just start to find it abit uncomfortable . It's not about being lazy but it's about leaving your comfort zone. There's also the sporty type , one that uses body more . And if they would to stop doing sport and use thier brain more ,it would feel weird . And lastly , the genius(es) one that uses thier brain more , and if they would to sit around and just eat or do more sports , they would feel weird . Most of the people are in either one of them or two of them . It's hardly all 3 of them . It would be rare if there is people who loves studying , loves sport and loves to sit around and eat junk food. 
Maybe I should start expressing my thoughts like this more often ._.

Art exhibition

So I went to this art exhibition thing at sentosa , and basically everything in there are full of arts that creates this illusion that your really in there lols .

A true love Story of Mr bag and Miss wallet

Okay so today , my family and I went Malaysia . And I saw this really really cute bag And I was pointing it to my mum and my mum was like NOHHH I was so sad but then we went back to that shop and buy it anyways HEHEHEHEHE so I bought it along with the wallet and it looked so match making At first I don't know weather to get the wallet but Mr bag was already proposing to Miss Wallet 

-Wedding song starts playing-
MR BAG, Do you agree to take mrs wallet as your lovely wife till eternity ?
MISS WALLET, Do you ..
I DO!!
Therefore I shouldn't be a meanie and seperate fate
(Though my mum kept teasing me as a kindergarten kid)

Okay next to my SOOTD (sexy outfit of the day)
More sexiness coming 

Lastly I'm going to end of my post with my baby photo

Hello kitty town^_^

Hi so ytd was raining and i had to walk to school with a heavy down pour so my shoe was like 落汤鸡 which means soggy . And I actually took off my shoe in school and throughout the lesson I wasn't wearing shoe or socks .  One of my friend approach me and asked me 这里是你的家啊?( This is your house ah?) I said yes  and when I reach home I took a selfie of myself cause I'm just awesome like that
I never really post any photos of myself in school uniform on my blog so..there u go
During my June holiday I went to hellokitty town And I took some photos , <-what a weird thing to say

Even the toilet look so pretty

Me and my jie decorated our butter cookie and she made her one look like Mickey Mouse and I was complaining how it should have been hello kitty and not Mickey Mouse and then she was like " But I like Mickey Mouse ):<" I still had the video though 
Now you must me wondering why did I cover my face ? Well I wasn't in the mood for taking photos cause on that day itself I look TERRIBLE . But still I had to take photos cause memories maa

Yup that's pretty much it