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Mid Autumn Festival

As you can already tell from the title , I'm going to talk about how well the MAF celebration with my Arsie and Isaac went . I have to admit that this year MAF was rather more fun as compared to last year , mainly because Isaac decided to tag along with us to have dunch (dinner & lunch) with us at Fish & Co .

Here are some photos of last year's 2013

The rest of the photos are at here

I don't think you realised but I  was wearing purple contact back then and it kept dropping and my eye was kindof sore , so I have to carry eyedrop wherever I go . We met up with Isaac in school and then he called us 'ghost' we didn't watch the concert cause it was too boring and we went to the study corner to take picture instead . So Rw actually uploaded a video of us preparing for MAF at my house on Yt 

But this year , we had so much fun tgt. We went to Fish&Co eat and I ordered this chocolate extaxy and I didn't know it was so huge . Everyone was full and then we played a game which we have to guess a number and whoever guess correct the number must drink the chocolate drink as a punishment , honestly I Nvr thought that it would be this fun cause usually this game requires more people to play, but oh well at least the drink was more or less done . After having fun  is time to get down to business , the bill that is . We took around 15 min to calculate the amount of money each of us had to pay , honestly it wasn't all that comfortable dealing with money but in the end we got it done . And a pic of what I ordered 

It was 5:30 , and Raewen had to report for duty so we followed her to the school gate and send her off , so Isaac and I wonder around and eventually we went to the library to chill . I picked up my all time favorite Teenage Magazine and settle down , after 20 min Isaac start behaving like a whiny baby asking me to go to school early . Everyone was staring at us , and I was kindof fed up so I told him to go to school himself and spot if there is anyone from our class , if there is text me and I'll come . And so he did . Obviously it was all a plot to get away from him xD 

(Facial product is just a nickname for my friend's name )
Okay actually he lied about jomaica wearing HC so that I would be convinced. I didn't want to come...YET.but he kept spam calling me that I was so pissed that I took my time to get there , I went  twitter to rage about Isaac , I went to toilet , I was self admiring , on the way to school I saw the Babi clique lol . Then at the traffic light there I saw Isaac there looking annoyed lol .

(Btw while we were at the library there was this guy prank calling me asking if I ordered pizza , i played thier 'childish little game 'and told them I ordered chicken from KFC )

There weren't much , but there were this balloon making thing and I wanted a cat at first but they say cat need draw one so I told then I wanted a rabbit !^_^
We went to the hall and watch the concert , Rw was done with her shift and joined us . When the concert end we went to the study corner again and took even more pic ! And we had so much fun laughing at our unglam pic .

My hair just happen to be on the left side of her face ,which seems liked she had short hair . I swear we didn't even plan this XD and Rw wee-ed a little for laughing too much while looking at this picture.

Rw tried to piak my face so I would unglam XD

We are dancing !^_^ 

Rw was laughing how she looked like china woman in this pic XD

What you thinking uh ? 

And no I wasn't thumbs up-Ing = w =
Taking pic while she is dramatically explaining

Don't you think we look like a family ^_^

WHUTT XD I look so short in this pic DID. I SHRUNK ? Fuhhhhh
Last photo with Rw before she leaves ^_^

Have fun And pray for my tailbone


Playing on the road ?!

Okay so this morning I spotted a family playing badminton at the carpark . I'm not talking about multi storey carpark I mean the normal kind . So what's the big deal ? 
Well , firstly , of all the places why do you even choose to play at the carpark area ?  Sure ..your not bothering anyone but it's not a very suitable place . You can play at the basketball court that is just a few feet away or you could go find the badminton court which is also just a few feet away or book a slot . There are so many but you just choose play at the carpark 

Secondly, I'm quite disappointed , thier father was just standing there like as if it's nothing . I mean which parents would bring thier child to play at somewhere so risky ? 

Thirdly, have you ever thought that what if you unintentionally hit someone's car? I'm sure your aware of that but accident happens all the time . Especially in badminton , what if the shuttle court flew past you and you might accidently smack onto someone's car , or what if the driver driving through here didn't see you and BAM !(hey , I know it's unlikely to happen but it's possible )

I'm not posting photos to humiliate them but I thought that this kind of inconsiderate action must be shared to raise awareness. Besides , my dad's car is right there . The orange one .

Night Festival

Yesterday my family and I went to night festival at orchard , and then we pass by SMU and it was so AMAZING 

And it's not hung there or painted there it's purely made up of leaves , in the daylight it looks like a normal tree but at night it look this with light shine on it .
And then we went to this place and it was literally like paradise 

There were full of glowing pebbles lying everywhere and it was beautiful , what's more is that there is music that adds up to this atmosphere
I bought one of the pebbles home *oops*

Finally a photo without filter 
I like those kind of mirrors though :)

Dishonest salesperson

So on Sunday . My family and i went to Malaysia and bought furniture from an outlet . So my mum handed her phone to the salesperson to write the address . But the salesperson "forgotten" to return it to my mum . 
When we return home to singapore , my mum then realised she left her phone there. So she told me to text the salesperson to ask him is he saw it.

 Then afterward my mum did rest of the texting after he replied
So the next day , my mum borrowed my phone the whole day untill she comes home from work. 
The truth is , the salesperson has no intention of returning the phone to my mum. Cause when she realised she left it at the outlet , she tried calling her own phone but her phone was off. And when she tried call again the next day , the phone rung. When she got back her phone , the screen protector isn't there anymore . So it's obvious that he wanted to sell it away . 
Moreover , the salesperson did not admit his mistake and instead he push the blame to my mum stating that she left her phone at the counter when actually the fact is that he did not return it to my mum.
I know probably some salesperson were taught to lie when it comes to promoting thier product , but it has come to an extend where it's called STEALING .

So while I didn't had my phone for the whole day , I just eat my lunch , do Hanna then sleep ,then I wake up again to eat my dinner , then I go back to sleep 
Look at my Hanna ^ w ^
And also , my fringe is back to bangs ~
Okay that's all ~
Bai'ssssss ^_^/*waves*