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Happy N(ew) Year & BIGBANG concert

Hyee <3! It's finally new year ! The very first page of the first chapter of your new journey to 2015 :) !! So there must be so much people either spamming on your Facebook timeline or your twitter , insta , or whatever social media it is . Maybe about thier resolution , new year, or BIGBANG!!! And I just happen to be there to watch them live !! ^_^ so yes . My first ever Kpop band live concert I've ever watch , I wasn't a huge fan of BIGBANGS but I DEFITNITLY LOVE thier song <3 The sky was dotted with grey-like cotton balls but with BIGBANG , and the people that were so looking forward to this concert ,even god was on our side . And I heard that in Boonlay or was it Bishan that held the most balloon hat ever worn as Guinness world record. WOW! How I wish I was there though . Let's see.. BIGBANG or Balloon hat?

DEFITNITLY BIGBANG!<3 so yea I guess that sums up everything for today and I hope you had an enjoyable new year while I'll wait for hell day on Friday :) 

In the mean time you can enjoy these horrible quality of the photos taken by me :)

Ahhhhhh TOP *^* <3 -fan girling mod on-
MORE TOP <3 *_*

I dk who is this BUT WHO CARRS XD
This I DEFITNITLY don't know 

(Late) Christmas

MEERY CHRISTMAS! I know it's abit late to be saying this but oh well ~ so on Christmas I went to watch movie with my friend "Night at the museum" and it was AWSOME !we also did gift exchange and I bought it on the spot . I even bought scotch tape and the cheapest sissors I could find and ofcourse a wrapping paper . Honestly it's my first time that I ever wrap a gift properly ,and it turns out horrible with holes and thorn up edges . Well atleast it was presentable in the end and I was really Mad flying happy when my friend got me a hello kitty plushies . My mum on the other hand got me a bunch of hello kitty toilet roll . Speaking which ,On my 14th  birthday , my mum got me like 3 packets of hello kitty sanitary pads . My mum sure knows how to buy hk products which I never knew existed. Pratically anything that's hk would made me really happy ! Put that aside . 
My mum'a college also got me some stuff , most of them were chocolates and a stuff toy. 

Anyway thanks for the gift everyone !^_^ and have a wonderful new year :)

League Of Legend

I'm sure most of you know this game made by Riots called League Of Legend. Recently in the holidays i've been gaming for almost everyday. From morning till night and the routine goes on and on. Okay, that's not my point.
The point is, ever since I had started to play LoL was when i was 13 and i was never fond of it. To me , it was liked the most complicated games i ever played, I was like wtf is a Masteries ? wtf is a runes? what should i click?What champion should i use?And remembered my first ever champion i used was Soraka and i never get a single kill. I'm still a little embarrased to say that i used to get killed by minions ( which is like the most easiest thing to kill) But i had no idea where i was going , i had no goals . It was really frustrating that i couldn't do anything at all.
Recently i've downloaded back the game that gave me so much headache and i realized that it wasn't that complicated as it seems. And i had all my friends that i know that play LoL to guide me through what to look out for and what to do, I've began to slowly proggressed and i finally, what i had longed for was a Kill . I was stuck with playing with bots , because i knew if i would to play PVP i would die so horribly .
But ever since there was this christmas event that requires you to play PVP once everyday to get like some free stuff. I've began to start playing with actual people ever since then. Well ofcourse, like any other newbie, i had lose like almost every match i played. But even so, i learn new things everyday to improve myself.
Now, that's not the end of it. That was just a brief Introduction .

If your LoL player , you would understand that in every game u play there will always be rager. among 5 people , 3 or 4 are ragers . You can NEVER find a peaceful match in LoL. Even no matter how pro you are or how noob you are , they would always find reason to rage at you . It feels like a rage game because sometimes i get easily agitated when i get scolded for now friggin reason, that applies to real life too. And you can't help yourself and rage back .

LoL is one of those games where u can't just finished it within 5 min or 10 min. So if you ever want to play LoL you have make sure for the next 30 - 45 min your free. Or even sometime 1hr. Which is ridiculous because , if you lose 1 or 2 match , u lose like 1 hr of your time ._. Which was always why i find time pass so fast. But If you happen to met like a troller team , you finished it within 20 min depending. ( which i just did). Sometimes if your unlucky like me , you might end up having a hard time arguing with your mum that online game can't be paused.

So some of my friends had been asking me to play Dota2 . Which is like the same thing as LoL except that Dota has better graphics and much much harder to play .While LoL has more variety of champions to choose from. I used to play Dota when i was 12 , the original before Dota2 came out, and i hated the graphics. So i uninstall before i even play . Ever since then, I never play dota ever again. Until recently , My friend ask me to download dota to play which i did. And i found out that Dota2 Graphics is sooooo way better than the original one and the LoL ones. But at the end of the day i still prefer LoL over Dota.

With that i conclude my post with a picture :>

Anime Review: Kimi ni Todoke

Okay , I know it's a bit strange for me to do review on Anime since I've been blogging about my life all the time. But hey no one get hurts for trying new stuff right? Okay moving on~

So this anime focuses more on romance but it does have some value of comedy and for those people who enjoy watching romance , you should try watching this. Although it progresses slower but the outcome is worth watching. I wouldn't list it as my top favorite animes cause it's a bit predictable . So what is this anime about ?

Well, it's about this girl named , Kuronuma Sawako who just entered High school as a freshman . People always misunderstood her due to her resemblance to the ghost "The Ring"which led her peers to give her the nickname as Sadako .She has long black hair and a neatly trimmed Bangs with a pale white skin . To be honest she reminds me of  Ririchiyo from the anime Ino x Boku ss , speaking which that anime is one of my top most favorite anime , but let's not go there . So as i was saying , Sawako is timid with a sweet personality , however she has trouble making friends due to her ghostly look , even so she still try her best to do whatever she can to bring joy and happiness to her peers hoping one day she could make friends. Along the way , she met Kazehaya Shouta , also a freshman .

Through out her school life , Kazehaya kun has always been there for Sawako to give her the extra courage to help her move on. Soon, Sawako unknowingly fell in love with Kazehaya kun but things got even more complicated as it progresses , they tried to convey their feelings for each other but only to mistaken it in a wrong way .

Will they be able to overcome the obstacles lies ahead of them ?

Watch to find out :)
I'll drop a link here

If you really liked the anime you could also try watching the movie too . Where they use real people to re an act of the anime . They did a great job portraying the characters especially the main characters like Sawako since where are you gonna find someone that has the same ghost look at the anime ? Even though the whole movie was squeeze into 2 hr , they still get their points across and they really get into the characters .
Link here 

FANARTS TIME!!!!!!!!!!! <3

SHIPSHIP!! *^* <3
So yeahhhhh ~hope you enjoyed :3

Leaving CTSS

Hi :) So I'm probably going to post this when I'm leaving CTSS . So I'm writting a draft , cause I had so much to say xD To start off , I just want to claim that I never liked that school. Even the biggest decision of choosing your secondary school After your primary Years .That school NEVER came to my mind . And Yes I was forced to . When school starts ,  everything went great , i got elected to be the chairperson , teachers were heart warming and kind , Everyone was my friend and I thought maybe .. Just maybe this school isn't that bad . But it has gotten worse . At around March , while preparing for our exams , we had a dispute over something really small with my friends , and from that onwards , I hated everyone , they just watch us like a form of entertainment , they didn't help , those eyes of cruelty , soon enough it's almost 2 years now and we never spoke a single word since then . It didn't matter , so long as I had my bestfriend ^_^ . I wasn't doing a good job , she said . So she gave away my title to someone else, i was fine with it :) but people kept asking me why and it greatly annoyed me .
The teacher whom I admired once , turn into a bitch and go against me . She took her chance when I made a mistake , she doesn't care what you thinks , she talk about her salary , she doesn't care When you needed help, she doesn't mark your work, she forgets everything you said , she made a promise and she left the class with the promise broken , she's all about salary . She's the worse teacher ever. But she left the school so she could get a better salary . So it's okay now .

The class is devided into 2 section , the first section are the group of people I'll never talk to , the second section are people that I can approach to any time and it would be ok. But it's school holiday now and last time I had unknowingly  had a crush on a guy in the first section , but not anymore..

Last seen

Last seen.

It isn't just about not replying the message.
It's about the fact that the person didn't bother.
To you, that person is someone special
To that person, you could be just a text not worth replying.
You're not worth a second of their time.

It hurts

It's hard when someone special ignores you
But you know what's harder?

Pretending that you're ok.

I wish I hadn't click it

I wish I hadn't click it 
There was this deadly virus that says that it would give free stuff if you download a certain app .
I was foolish I was dumb and I click on the download button 
Off it goes the virus rushing through my computers like an lightning bot 
I've started having lots of pops out and lots of advertisement that I can't seem to close it
slowly day by day it has gotten a lot worse 
The virus started attacking and my game crashes and everything turns blue and red and green and then it turns black
But what I wish I had done and I should have done was that ...
To uninstall the virus that lay the curse upon my computer 
I knew I should have
But I didn't want to
And there it goes seeking for it's next victim.

Will you be the next victim? 

SEA Aquarium

Another weekend .
Another Event.
My family and I went to SEA Aquarium and it was great and slightly boring at the same time.

And yes.Its a Christmas tree inside the tank

I forgotten to off my flash and i blinded this fish with it .
That eye though xD

Cute Dolphin swimming with its belly side upwards :>

NEMO! :3

Isn't the puffer fish the cuttest thing ever ! ? x3