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Life as sec 3

okay so , It's been like 3weeks of sch in GDSS and I still have not show you any pic of my friends . But finally I have a few pics of my friend to show you and a few other stuff as well ^_^

Oh and before I start. I would like to say that i have almost officially quit gaming :3 Firstly, it's because life as a sec 3 student has been really buzy for me. And I do not want to lose this opportunity to do well this year. I strive to enter direct poly next year and I faith in myself that i can do it.And Secondly because, I've grew tired of gaming .Till today, I can't believe i stand in this uniform as a Senior and not a junior anymore and it feels like i've just enter this school as a sec1 student on the first few weeks of school.
 Okay,Okay. enough of the talking , lets move on ~

Ok that's Shermaine over there ! And she's like the awesomest friend ever , though we are not like super close . And she's super friendly , and she introduced me to different people from different class . Eventually some of them became my friend as well. Unfortunately we are from different class

And that's Jerlyn behind .

Oh and recently I've received a Edusave award for good progress . 

And here's a pic of my recent Art work! 

 My teacher said he didn't like Hello Kitty but he still gotta give me marks for it xD

I would like to end off this post with a failed-trying-to-hard-to-cosplay pic I took a week ago. 
ps, i tried

Life In Greendale Secondary School

Life in Greendale secondary has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G so far. I know the worse have yet to come . But before it does, I'm just gonna make the best out of it . I've met lots of friends . The teachers were OH-KAY. And before I knew it, there were friends all around me . I must be dreaming right? *^*

Do you know that Greendale Sec was once called Gangsterdale? No shits xD And because of our history, they have rules that sec3's must be held back till 3.30pm everyday except Friday . We also have to tap our thumb on this system thing before we enter the school which kinda sucks because sometimes when u come to school earlier by 5 mins , You gotta queue up for thumb checking which is quite time consuming and sometimes you might even end up late for school ._. I think Greendale secondary has a stricter discipline compared to CTSS. When it comes to lessons, everyone was paying attention and it was SOOO much easier to learn . Unlike in CTS , there will always be people talking and teachers have to stop in between lessons to scold them and its so time consuming.

#3 CCA
CCA wise, I've joined Drama which was also my CCA in my previous school. Drama in general is like a really fun CCA to have. We start off with vocal warm ups follow by a few rounds of games. We also did a run through on our SYF script . I think it's quite interesting and hopefully whoever is gonna perform for SYF achieve gold this year ^_^

My class is mainly 70% guys 30 % girls and there were almost an equal amount of chinese student and malay students although in my point of view , it seems like there are more Malays than Chinese.(its totally fine^^) There weren't any arrogant or bitchy girls in my class and everyone were really nice . ( Except there is only 1 , but she's my friend ) Our class motto is Rise Above the Odds .

Honestly, who knows if i might actually be happier in GDSS then CTSS? I used to regret it but now? Hell no . BUT

who knows how long this would last? Forever? nah..

Everbody thinks...

My Friends thinks...
                  My Family thinks...
                                         My Teachers thinks...
                                                              My Classmates thinks...
                                                                                    Everyone thinks...
Even I  ask myself

What was the reason..that was giving me an extra boost thinking i should leave CTSS?

At first , It never came to me that way because all i knew was that distance IS a Matter. I couldn't imagine myself waking up everyday 6am on the dot with no extra 30 min to sleep. It was just HORRIBLE to imagine because i know myself i'm a heavy sleeper , I'd sleep through alarm clocks and is going to take half an hour to finally get up on my feet. That was all I thought.

I never gave in much thoughts about how my friends would feel and how sad and lonely life i'd be if i didn't have friends in my new school. All that didn't came through me. But suddenly , when the clock is ticking..time is passing..like a lightning bolts strike through my senses I've began to regret..I've began to hate myself for my reakless actions..I couldn't imagine how much pain I got myself into..It was then I realised what truly was the reason was...I was just merely trying to persue my passion, my hopes and dreams.But it all came back to reality that i couldn't..fate wouldn't let me..I have just gave up my happiness for my dreams.

 Truly, the world are full of broken dreams and  ..it's a horrible world to live in but we still have to live on..

On that night..My stomache was churning , i felt suffocated , i couldn't breathe in my normal pace and when my mum asked me ? "Are you scared?" I couldn't answer that question because I'm experiencing so much emotions at once and I just couldn't seem to get a hold of myself and i replied her "Nothings gonna change" I went back to my room and before i knew it , i finally broke down. It was the time that I finally came to reality . I've spend everyday cope up in my room gaming from morning till night making holiday seems short and I've avoided anything that has to do with schools. I wasn't hating the school, I was avoiding reality.

I couldn't think straight. All I knew was I really regretted coming to this school. To top it off, my friend had consult me about this matter only to make things worse , my friend even pointed out my reakless , selfish , atc. I knew I was going to be that lonely girl that I never thought I would be . I was really scared that I can't meet their expectation , fear of being avoided , afraid of meeting new people.

So on that night .I decided to spend the whole night occupying myself with something do . I was chatting and happily playing on my small little device , and for that moment i forgotten what I was so worried about . At 3AM my friend was tired , so i decided to sleep as well.

The next day, I've woke up at 6.30 AM . My stomache was churning again and my body was shivering , I don't know if I was still scared or I was just really cold . Probably either one or both . Usually my morning routine start of by wearing my school uniform, then I head over to the bathroom to wash up, and i just grab my socks and leave the house. But today in particular , I didn't felt like following the routine , instead i did what normal people would, and that is to wash up first . I made myself wore the uniform last and gosh i look hellda gross. Oh well..I've spend a good half an hour trying to fix my hair and to touch up whatever I need to do. I wore the school socks and left the house wearing a black shoe with a yellow shoelace.

I walked a few step outside the building only to realized that I didn't had a pen. I rushed back home and get a ballpoint pen i could find and rush out again. When i reached the LRT stations , I've found out that there are a few of my fellows schoolmates boarding the LRT to school. I went to school and I didn't know where to go, I was mistaken and thought that I was the sec1's . I asked one of the Student Leaders for direction and she gladly brought me to the hall .

Oh, have I told you that I was instructed that I would be placed in the class of 3A2 , which was also the class i was supposed to be placed in ,in my formal school as well .

I didn't know that the school follows the routine of reading books in the morning. So I sat there awkwardly without a book . The pledge had took place and While the principal was giving a welcome back speech , It was the first time that I was hoping it would last . I didn't want to do any self Introduction , or having people starring at me . Oh and while I was in the hall , a Malay girl , next to me said hi , though we weren't in the same class or maybe she's aware that i'm new . Whatever it is , I awkwardly waved back like a retard.

So , the time has come. We were brought back to our respective  classrooms and i had chosen the front roll of the seats. Our form teacher were really heart-warming and kind . The teacher announced that we had a new student and that was when i stood there motionless and expressionless waiting for it to end. I could tell people were staring at me and i just hope the spotlight was placed somewhere else instead.

At about 9.40AM , we had our recess . Honestly I wasn't looking forward to it as....well i just don't know where to sit , besides it's embarrassing to be seen eating alone. I just didn't know what to do . I just want to go home. That was when a bunch of girls approached me and asked if I would like to go recess with them . Ofcourse that was a yes there , It seems liked I did manage to make friends and they were really nice and kind . I wasn't being myself so they probably see me as a introverted  or reserved person. I wonder how they would react if they knew what a true retard i am .

After recess, we went to the hall for a safety talk and a grooming check . Honestly i don't get this school, they weren't strict about grooming wise unless it's really obvious. Unlike my schools , you get called up and brought to the stage where everyone can see you. BUT SRSLY NO EARSTICKS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I don't know who came up with this rule where u can't wear earsticks . In my primary school we were only allowed to wear earsticks and now in secondary school we CANT?!seriously? -faceplalm-

After all that was done, we were sent back to our classroom again. And the teachers made everyone introduce themselves ( Typical ) and yea.. so at 12:40 I went back home.

To be honest, I can't believe it's actually happening. It felted so sereal , i can't describe how this feels but it's like watching a series of drama behind those eyes of mine. Everything was so foreign to me that i can't register everything into my brain at once . But oh well, what has happen , happened  .

No more pocking fun of people looks
No more funny dirty jokes
No more after school hangout
No more gossiping about teachers behind their back
No more buddies to go home after school with
No more people to listen to my bullshits

No more..

Evenso , I'm still glad there nice people in my class whom so bravely and confidently approached me . If it wasn't for them, Tomorrow would just be another hell day.