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Chinese New Year

Well Chinese New Year have been kinda boing for me as I didn't really visit any of my relative house. So it's not like a whole bunch of my cousins or nephew coming to my house to scream and shout like my friend's house . But on Saturday I went to  Sharmine house and her house was so lifely and full of spirits . And I had also brought along my laptop to her house cause I just can't leave my laptop . And Sharmine's cousin was chatting with my friends on skype and one them told my friend that he have a girlfriend , and his only like 7?8? Lol . My friend was speechless. And I have collected a lot of red packets from Sharmine's relatives . So..I'll let the picture do rest of the talking

(Taken a few days ago , but I decided post it up anyway because they had make my CNY holiday less boring ) 

Ps; this was taken in the middle of the night like 4am? .-. But good memories :)

Valentine's Day

Happy valentines day ?
More like happy shopping day .
THATS RIGHT . I WENT SHOPPING . BE JEALOUS . Nah I'm just kidding .We went shopping at Malaysia and My dad gave me 300 Ringet (Malaysia dollar) to let me shop whatever I want . 

anyway , I'm making this short so I'm gonna end off with something that might be beneficial for all you single little desperetes people out there

(Ps this is just a parody it's fake)

Anyway I hope u guys have a great year ahead  cause I know I will :)


He predicted AirAsia QZ8501 and TransAsia GE235 fate and future fate of SQ flight to Changi Airport

So i came upon this post about a guy called Jucelino Nobrega da Luz from Brazil accurately predicted the fate of AirAsia QZ8501 and TransAsia Airways Flight GE235 . I didn't believe it at first but i did some research and strangely enough , It did happen .

If you still don't believe me you can watch the video live while this was occuring

He had also written a letter to the Taiwan Ambassador , this is page 1

But what is even more frightening is the  next part

And from the evidence above, it  stated 1st December 2014.
Though we can't prove that this is right but all i hope for is that is all false . 

There are still more predictions that are yet to come and this has got to be the worse

And guess what.. "A big Typhoon will hit Taiwan in July 29 of 2015" see why i bold that date there? Well.. Because that's when my birthday is on. I mean Coincidence much ? 

But his last sentence he mentioned "I hope to be wrong, But it was what I have see on my premintory dreams" Now that is just insane , seeing the future in your dreams. Is that even possible? I've searched up on it and apparently most of them have experienced premintory dreams before and it turns out to be 
accurate . Crazy right ? 

It might be true or it may not but all in all I just wanted to share this with everyone because who knows you might even save someone life with it? God bless everyone 

( Informations are not 100% accurate but I'll give you the source of information that i had got from so you can feel free to do your own research  )

Read more at here or here