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Skate boarding

Okay, so I've bought an inspired-penny board and I . LOVE . IT ! <3 
And honestly , skateboard is much easier to pick up on compared to rollerblading , ice skating, bicycle etc. SO YEA! :D This isn't meant to be a long post so I'm just gona end it off with some pictures I took :3


SO YEA Yesterday was fun ! We had this event called VIA and our class was chosen to volunteer to help out the elderlys and stuff and IT WAS FUN ! <3 we help to distribute the ice creams and popcorns :) BUT  IT STARTED TO RAIN :c But it was still fun !^^ 

and today me and Eddie went to Nex to study ^_^! And we ate Mac for lunch .

The red one is mine ^_^


Okay, so today was Jason's birthday and we went to his house to celebrate. So apprently we were to meet at 2.00pm but i've spend the whole night trying to make Jas a video as a gift , becus of that i woke up at 2.20pm . So yea i was like 1hr30min late.. opps. But to think about it.. I never turn up early for a meet up .__. lol xD There was so much food ! *w* and we went to his room to play PS3 and i used his com to play league .. And guess what ? xD Gerapat BROKE  jas's brother's bed. And when his brother came back he was like"meh..ok". And Gerapat kept throwing sweets at me and it hurts =_= . Pshh , At about 7pm we left Jas house. SO YEAA ..

So..here's the video i spend the whole night making for jas :3