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Why do people hate being normal?

So like any other days, I was just having a casual conversation with my friend and we came across this topic about being normal and stuff . My friend told me that he hated being normal and i said that Everybody does . He protested and said that he knows a lot of people that likes to be normal. So I went and test out and asked my friends . And here's their respond:

My first Question : Do you like being normal?

My second question: Do you consider yourself weird?

My Third question: What's yr definition of normal people like ?

I'm glad they were able to cooperate with me and gave me a whole heartedly answers . The answers might not be the best one as I wanted to show how different people responds to this questions . Nevertheless , I want thank those people who participated in my little experiment .I want to point out that I don't 100% agree with thier statement but it doesn't matter because everyone has different point of view . 

Maybe it's just me . But I have a more sophisticated way of explaining about normality . 

#POINT1 Weird is a title that needs to be earned by others 
For me , if your ever called weird it's like a major compliments .The way I define weird is like it is a title alone . We don't simply compliment ourselves as it's not as satisfying compared to when you receive compliment . To me , weird stands the same value as unique , Significant , rare , etc. So it's always flattering when people call me weird but not when people calls themselves weird. 

#POINT2 Everyone is normal
Let's just call normal as a regular burger . Like humans we need things that made us as humans example , our emotions , our senses , our features such as leg , arm , etcetc. Those are the things that made us as humans . Same goes to the burger , it Defitnitly need buns, lettuces , meat?,etcetc without those they aren't burger anymore right ? BUT what if the burger has ice cream in it , isn't it for facinating than normal burgers , thus it earn the title for being unique 


I know i don't have the rights to give people advise about relationships after i've been through number of attempts of failed relationships. I know I have never been in a relationship long enough to lecture people about who they should love. I know that people have uncontrollable desires to be with someone even if they know it's just infatuation. I know that even when people say they don't like you for your appearance , but deep deep down..looks still matters. I don't like how social media always potrays perfect relationships where people think this is how a relationship should be. It has brainwashed the mind of the teenagers making them to have an expectation as a BF/GF should do . Life is simple, you just need to do what you think is right instead of doing what society think is right.

A stereo typical relationship will be whereby two people texting to each other about how much they loved each other . It's not a wrong thing , maybe telling your bae " I love you "10 times a day will supposingly strengthen your relationship . I don't know ? But I know that's not in my case . For me , I'm not the type of person who show affection through verbal . Honestly , I have never ever utter the word " I Love You " to anyone before, maybe in text yea? Telling my Bf i love you is just the most cringe-y thing i can ever do . Maybe other are just too used to saying it that sometimes it becomes a routine and it's meaningless ..or maybe sometimes "I Love You" is used as a word to remind each other that they mean something to them .

But In life I live with this motto believing that every human is bound to have 1 soul mate . I believe that everyone have different perspective of our "Perfect" partner so that we won't steal each other's partner . I believe that break up happen for a reason , sometimes you just need to let it go , and find your own one instead of clingy on to someone else's soulmate , don't you think ? I know sometimes it can be heart - tearing to leave someone you have spend so much time with more than anyone else, but sometimes you just need to remember that someone is out there looking for someone just like you  ,your partner might look ugly to the society but , god why are you the only one who can see the goddess beauty in her/he ? do you have like some kind of special eyes ? nah , that's what I call FATE . I honestly think that people shouldn't try so hard to find love but instead let love find you . Trying too hard find "the one" could just make u look very desperate and that is a Major Turn Off for most girls.

 I heard of an 18 year old girl falling for a 58 year old man, it attracted many attention from the public , but honestly love have no boundaries , it can either be the typical type where you fall for someone of an opposite gender or someone of the same gender as you or someone of different race or someone that is older than you or someone that is younger than you . But it's such a cruel world that society favors the norm , shunning the rest for falling in love .

My June Holiday Proggresion

A perfect nail to start your holiday ^_^ Im really proud of my work tbh


And guess what ? My friend and I have INSANELY cycled from East Coast Park all the way to PUNGGOL. Because we didn't want to spend money on delivery fee, we were also screened by 2 police officer and my friend had to walk in the rain because he didn't had an umbrella ):  BUT THANK GOD I MADE IT HOME IN PIECE . AND I SRSLY OWE MY FRIEND A BUNCH. He lended me money just to buy a bike (': Thank god i have friend like him ^_^! And without him , I WOULDN'T EVEN HAVE THIS BIKE, not because of the money but beasue he have been guiding me direction for the whole afternoon for like 5 hrs ,26 km. SO YEA! THANKS ALOT > v <

My Tomodachi Gamer

FIRSTLY , It would be wild wild wet ^_^i went there before with my bestie but now im going again with my another group of friends :)

SECONDLY, SKYPING TIME <3 and pratically we skyped everyday? xD But nowadays I don't really skype with them anymore.. I miss those good ole times together with them

And finally a video taken during J's Bday :) 
Good Ole Fun Times :')