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2015 was a not so amazing year for me. But through that I've learned lots of new thing from all those bad times . 2015 have thaught me not to trust people too much , not to be deceived by looks , that sometimes not all friends will stay by your side , how being betrayed feels like , how being hated feels like , etc 

2015 For me , it was like an animal being taken out from its habitat and release it to a total foreign place . It Learns how to adapt while at the same time falling through some traps . 

But I was glad that I've met my best friend before 2015 ends .

We had also been playing roblox for the past few days and those days were really important and precious to me since ya noe , we hardly spend any quality time together ever since school starts and every second and minutes are just as equally important to me. Okay so if you're  reading this or smth , I just want you to know that your one of those friend that I want to have even when our skin starts to turn pruney and saggy ~  so yea happy 3 years anniversary as bestie ^-^ ! <3 and have great 2016 ahead 


Okay this photoshoot was taken on 14th December 2015 . A lot of people couldn't make it though so there were only 3 of us , and worse still , I forgot to bring my wig and it was also raining . I did my make up in a rush and I have to keep redo my eyeliner for like the 10th time before it seems fairly presentable , it's quite obvious that my eyeliner was crooked but I didn't had time to fixed it so I just leave it as it is . I arrive a bit later at botanic garden mrt and Asami is sitting outside the toilet. ( off topic: there was actually a lot rumors about this guy and he had a really bad history where almost the whole cos com hated him and he was known for his bad reputation ) so I was suppose to help him with his make up and all . After all that is done , we head over to botanic garden for our photo shoot . At the same time I met Fiona whom had a crush on my ex boyfie , we became great friends and I learn a lot of things about her. Firstly she had skin disease that makes her skin really itchy and she said that if she sweat she will get rashes . So I asked her if she on her air com at home and she told me she doesn't have an aircon cause they live in a very old house . From this I can delude that her family are poor on financial , also the way she dress and her make up is very unique , she told me she wanted to be a make up artist . But on Facebook people kept critic her on her makeup for being too heavy . Guess what ? ASMAI LIKES HER >w< they were like flirting the whole time , though I was kind of getting goosebumps but I thought it was kind of sweet since Fiona told me that she's no good with guys. So after the shoot we change back to our home clothes and Haku kept talking to me about Running man though I'm not interested . Fast forward , I'm back at home doing the same ole thing , Skype while playing league ~~

Lastly I'll end off with my most favorite picture <3

Wild Wild Wet with Tomodachi gamers

Okay so this happen like during my school holiday around the end of November 2015 , I suggested to my tomodachi to go wild wild wet and everyone agreed , so some of us invited other people so there were like 10 people in our group going www and it's my first time going in such a large group . There were 7 guys and 3 girls , the group was so big that we were divided into 2 group or sometime even 3 group . And like people's pants kept falling down and it was so hilarious , though there was an embarrassing momment that I was so embarrassed that I hit my friend till his right arm was bruised . HAHAHA sorry bout that . And there was this ride where you have sit on this float and then you will drop down from a high end , since this ride is either a single or duo ride so I decided to go alone cause I don't want to go with a guy , just so you know that the float was so heavy that I could barely climb up more than 2 steps . So my friend help me get up and you know we end up sitting the float together . Let me tell you . IT WAS SO EMBARASSING ! Because you have to cross leg with the person opposite you and it's like so awkward . Having anxiety and so much awkwardness at the same time made me panic that I wanted to jump out when we are falling . Just when I was about to jump out I accidentally hit his vulnerable area . Hahah sry . After the ride , he point at me and say " I'll never take this ride with this girl ever again" ;-; *sniffsniff* so I just laugh it off like it was nothing . There was this group ride where my fren(girl) almost kiss my fren (guy) and their face were like 3 cm apart . I'm like holy SHIET , to add on to that that guy is kinda like anti-girl kindof person . But I'm glad they didn't ;v; hwehwehwe after www we went to eat KFC and once again we are devided into 2 group . Afterward we just head home

So we were waiting for bus , and I'm behind there looking so fabulous ~~ *^* -flips hair-

AFA / Anime Festival Asia 2015

Okay I know this is a really late post since AFA'15 was over like a few months ago , but y'know I decided to stop procrastinating and blog ~ so yeahs. So if you have been following up with my post you might have already know that I recently just started cosplaying . And since AFA is a big event I decided to cosplay something really exciting . I cosed as Luka from vocaloid . And the gown was so huge and heavy but unfortunately it was too small for me , but I had it altered . The gown was so heavy that it kept pulling down , so I have carry my skirt up like how you see in Disney princess does Hweehwee *feeling princessey*  anyways I've inspired some of my friend to cosplay , and I did my friend's make up and honestly It was badly done holyshiet . And for the first time I actually did my own make up , and honestly it turns out pretty great ~ so fast forward , we took a taxi and met up with my tomodachi gamers (tomodachi=friends) we bought the ticket and camp down at an area and just chat . OH and one of friend ask me for pictures without knowing it's me ,and when I told them it was me they were so shocked HAHAHAHAHA . Soo I didn't really buy anything but I spot some of my friends ...Around 6-7pm we all head home ..~~~ yeh picture time
So that's my friend that I did make up on , somehow his make up turns out really girly so he refused to let me take a picture of his face hahah 

Well I didn't took a picture of myself so I took the photos from my friend's Instagram . O well~
So yea that's pretty much it haha. I might quit cosplaying and pursue Lolita fashion instead , since their clothes looked really girly and doll-ish , and you know I'm a big fan of those kind of thing . And I found like this group where they have tea parties where all the Lolita will gather together , it seems like a much more friendlier community compared to cosplay community .