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Jogothon 2016

Okay so this event was like few weeks ago and I didn't have the chance to write about it cause I'm so darn Buzy with my studies (ugh cuz ya know ? N lvl)

So what's Jogothon ? Basically , we have to run 3km and the top 10 fastest will get medal/trophy ?
So basically there's 2 type of run , 10km and 3km . Most of us ran 3km and I know it may sound crazy at first like seriously ?10km ? Well the 10km is a buddy run which means one person will run 5km then the other person will run the remaining 5km and you get a really cool tshirt after the race which is only for buddy run sadly . ( people actually wear that shirt during PE lesson , can u believe it ???and it's totally ok .-.) there's a reason why it's 10km . 10km signifys 10th year anniversary of my school hence they want to commemorate it by running 10km
 I'm really proud to say this but I came in , in 23th place ;v; I mean it's really nothing special to you guys but it's a really big accomplishment to me cause I didn't stop running , even when my lungs feels likes it's gonna explode and when my leg feels like it's gonna die , I still kept running . Well mostly because of this particular friend of mine . I felt this surge of satisfaction after the run like "HOLYSHIET I've actually finished the race without stopping" and this is the first time for me , hence it just feels really great.

Soo after the whole event was over I went to waterway point mall and buy some acne dote cause lately I've been really insecure about those blemishes and pimples on my face ( though not really obvious ) 
If it works I'll probably do a review about it :) I'm still using it though 
 Anyways to sum up this post , here's a group photo of my class after Jogothon