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How I survive one week with my floofs

 Last week , my parents and my sister went Bangkok for overseas and my sister entrusted me to take care of her rabbits while they were gone .At first I was really excited by the idea of taking care of a rabbit for the first time but slowly it just becomes a chore . I remember the first few day when they were with me , I've fed them so much veggie cause I was  mesmerize by the way they were munching on the vegetable , I could be sitting there for half an hour just simply staring at them eat and it would be totally ok .The first time they were brought to my house, they were literally shaking , but my friend told me that they are just breathing , but slowly that got comfortable and they stop shaking as much . Their names are puffer and dynamite , they are 9 years old and yes that's pretty old for a rabbit . But one thing I dislike about them is that they poop ALOT like I could change the sheet like a few second ago and they will poop straight away after I change ._. Then I'm just like , I just clean that shit D: and when the shit and pees are accumulated , they will stink up the place.

Besides taking care of the rabbits I also got to take care of myself right? Well that's not totally true cause I'm constantly restricting myself from eating (and no I'm not on a diet) , and I've been doing that since 2015 around July ? The period where I was saving up for my first cosplay . Ever since then , I've adopt this habit of NOT eating just to BUY things , cause there's this satisfaction when you finally bought something you really really love and my mindset was  " foods will be gone once eaten but items are for life time " so if I could trade the amount of intake for food and in return I can get tons of cool shyts isn't that a fair trade? WRONG ! What I'm actually doing is I'm trading my lifespan away , it might be ok for 1 week or 2 but to be doing this for 1YEAR , that's  absurd . My friends and teachers are always constantly telling me to eat but , it's kinda hard to break out of this cycle. I'll cry a little inside every time I buy food ;_; To compensate my lack of food , I eat instant noodle instead , and that's a horrible decision but I could say to my future child that I survive my life based on instant noodle :3!! Hahahahah (ok not funny) .____. But in all seriousness this has gone wayyyy to off topic than it should have O___O let's come back to the main topic 
Okay so during the period when my parents were away, it's normal to have a crazy thought where you're gonna be like " Ok my parents are away for a week I could do shyts that I couldn't do before" yes I'll admit , I do have that thought but my parents aren't restrictive hence I didn't really feel the need to be "rebellious" for once .
Dinner was a pain in the ass because as much as I'm always surviving base of instant noodle I am fully aware that it's not good for my health , but when hunger strikes , we all just gotta eat . I'm not that strong of a person to fight hunger despite restricting myself . 

Oh and if you wanna know what I've been eating for the one week period , I do have pictures cus I'm justt so proud of myself for making foods with my own hands ;v;
(It's instant porridge btw)

These pictures are in sequence 
OH I can't emphasize how much I LOVE air fryer it is like my best friend cause you could just dump in the frozen chicken and turn the heat up and BAMMM! good as ever . U don't have to waste oil or like make a mess in your kitchen, it's a MUST to have an air fryer in every household . Like all my chicken and fish sticks you seen in the picture are made from the air fryer , and they taste as good as frying them on pan . 

So my parents already came back like 3 days ago , and my mum bought me tons of stuff from bangkok , cuz you know Bangkok is known for their cheap shopping paradise , and my parents gonna bring me there next year :D!!!oh and my mum also bought this flavored seaweeds which is really really good 
There's um , spicy , salmon,tom yam and the original . Tell me if I'm wrong cause I'm telling you based on my tastebud cause I can't read thai words for no shyts

Oh by the way , I'm planning to make a video for my super mega huge haul which consist of my Chinese new year haul , my online haul and last but not least my Bangkok hauls xD You can subscribe to me first so that you can be the first few to check out my haul videos before I post it up on blog . To subscribe click here

So yea that pretty much it , thanks for reading :) 

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