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Just an update of my life

Have you ever woken up with really puffy eyes  and when you start looking at your phone  it starts giving you a massive headaches ?image Or is that just me . Anyways, this post is just mainly about my life since I haven't really talk much about my personal life and most of my post are mostly major events that happened . So I'd like to dedicate this post soely about my life, like , schools,  friends, etc

School and Friends

School has been pretty alright for me . There aren't any drama or anything in particular about school that is interesting enough to talk about , I guess you could say I have a pretty boring life in school imageI am that side character you see in every anime as an average student  . However, the only thing I have to deal with in school everyday is to pretend your interested in what your friend is saying when you just want to dig a hole and bury yourself inside there forever . Sometimes, I rather NOT have any friends if I got to put up an act everyday image

 'N' Level

I'm sure if you lived in SG , you should be pretty familiar with the term PFP ( Poly foundation Programme) If you don't , basically it's just another route to go after secondary school but it's only for normal academic students , and that's what I'm aiming for . Mainly , just to get out of here . There's only 2 other route i can take besides PFP which is ITE or to continue with sec 5 , and I know I don't want to end up either of those .imageimageimage However , I can't really feel myself getting stressed up even though 'N' level is approaching , I'm actually more worried about me not stressing up image Does that even make sense ? I guess I'm just waiting for that stress to kick in , in order for me to feel hyped about studying otherwise I'm just laying around like a potato waiting for something to happenand it's not like I didn't put in any effort to make myself study . I do. But every time I try to study I end up falling asleep almost instantaneously. I could sleep for 23hrs and fall asleep right after I lift up my pen デコメの画像(プリ画像)I might have exaggerate a little but you get what I mean right ? It's like my brain are in denial of accepting anymore knowledge, and i feel like the only way to study without falling asleep is by getting stress . I even went as far as to uninstall my games just to prevent myself from getting addicted .

Anyways, that's all to my life .

Here are some picture  I took this morning when I had really red and puffy eyes . I guess you could say I WOKE UP LIKE THIS (no but srsly I literally woke up like this)image
Bye  image

Numbers kills

Followers , likes , weight and age . They are all just numbers , but these numbers brings people so much insecurity , these numbers make people do all sorts of things to themselves , these numbers brings the bad out of the good , these numbers puts people to sleep forever .

 Followers ? Likes ? 

Why are people so obsessed with these numbers? was it to gain fame ? Popularity ? Well I was taught that people followed/like you because they like what you post , but why do I see "follow me and I'll follow you back" ? What's the meaning of following a complete strangers and then to have your newsfeed or timeline spammed with pictures of people whom you're not familiar with ? What's the point of having 1k , 10k , 100k followers when in reality you're nothing but just someone that is stuck up living in the world of social media .


What's so bad about that 1kg you gained last night from eating too much ? What's so bad about being a little chubbier than the rest ? People making fun of you ? You don't have to sink down to their level and get offended cause your fats are beautiful and bitches be jealous at you . They are amazing and wonderful and they make the people around you proud because they know you have been eating well. It's ok if boys/girls don't like you cause your fat , because if they like you , they wouldn't mind if your fat . So why lose weight for some fuckboys that are there to break your hearts instead of giving you butterflies and cavities . Besides , don't believe them when they tell you that you're ugly because your fat , because beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes , the word ugly only exist for people with a rotten heart.


 So what if I'm 16 ? Yes I'm 16 and I still enjoy playing at the playground and being childish , and if you gave me ice cream cone , I'd probably eat it from the bottom to the top , if you gave me a balloon I'll probably draw faces and start chasing after you if you had balloon phobia , if I saw a double decker bus , I'll probably board it even if I don't know where it would lead to . Age does not define maturity  (but it might possibly get you into trouble)

Do what you like , eat all you want . Afterall, numbers does not define who you are

My trip to Malaysia

Around last month I went malaysia to visit my grandparents , and one thing I've learned is that never  ever visit at night , or else you will be surrounded by a swamp of fly . I remember last year when I went to visit them , we made a mistake and visit in the evening ,and when we were about to leave ,we were literally surrounded my flys . You know when you hit a bee hive , a swamp of bee will start chasing after you? Ok imagine that 10 times . Scary right ? 

See what I'm holding there ? I don't know if you can tell but they  used nitrogen to cool that thing . So I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed like a million times and I've always wanted to try it . What happen is that once u take  a bite , suppposingly cold air would start coming out from either your mouth or nose and  It's as though your smoking or vaping . Get the idea ? Without hesitation, I bought it immediately but only to regret it afterward.  It didn't had the smoke thing I was wishing for . Besides it didn't taste very nice either . Would I buy it again ? Probably not . Should you try it ? Yes! Who knows if u might like it . Anyway, that's all for today . Thanks for reading 



So as part of our 10th year anniversary , the school host a carnival , and every class is selling different things , so my class has 2 stalls , games and design . So I was placed in the designing stall and we are doing face painting, henna and nail art . Sadly , the day before the carnival , the teacher in charge disapprove our ideas on henna . (Bish) Soo , I didn't buy any tickets because each ticket cost $10 and i'm like nope . To be very honest , I'm not trying to put down my own school but seriously i think my school is some kind of money sucking machine . $10 is A LOT of money ok ? ( at least it is to me ) And if every food has to be payed by tickets your just being really selfish to students like me that are unwilling to pay . Is just the same as saying PAY $10 OR STARVE YOURSELF , it's gone too far man . Even the canteen food has to be payed by tickets .

My friend , apparently has too much ticket and gave me some . Another dude from express have excess tickets as well and in the end i used it to buy food . Then there was this uncle that payed for ALL the chicken rice , so it's free for all students . And the chicken rice is not your ordinary chicken rice ok . The rice are chopped into bits and pieces , and it is served cold as well . hmm . But anything taste great when you're hungry , can't complain about that . Besides , it wasn't even that bad .
Here's a picture of how it looked like
But I would prefer that it to be served warm 

So there were some interesting stalls like , Starch pool , nerf war , horror room , dunking machine , bull riding thingy ,etc But in the end i didn't even try any of them . I was too busy mending the stall by painting people's faces . I did a design of Ichigo from Bleach to my friend's little brother, but he was sweating so much that the paint just melt right off his face.

 There was some conflict between my class which some people are taking their break way too long . To be honest , I didn't expect that we would even attract any customer , but then there were tons of them , mostly for the fake tattoos ( i mean srsly? is not even...nvm)

So yea that's pretty much it


Sec 4 Camp week

Well camp was a few months ago and i thought  HEY! maybe i should get off my bed and finally blog ya ? so here i am , few months later sitting behind the screen blogging once again woooo ! Alright sooo , since this has happen rather long ago so I might miss out some parts ya ?  I'm just gonna write down what I remembered .

Well I must say , this year camp is rather boring . You know how camps are suppose to be fun and bonding , you know ..stuff like that ? Nuh-uh  , nothing like that happened . I guess 16 years old is too old for that shyts and we gotta get down to business and decide on our career path.

1&2nd day

First 2 days , was a talk from a workshop from Adam khoo's . I mean our trainers were hilarious OK , when i mean hilarious i mean by rolling on floor funny ok ? For a moment , I was actually "motivated" to do something productive . And on the last day of the workshop they start getting our family's problem involved and everyone started crying (including me) I mean , who wouldn't right ? when they start saying stuff like " Imagine how you would feel if they died " I mean in reality , a " caring parents" are just for appearance sake or illusion in some ways , you may not agree with me but that's just my opinion . I mean if  parents are not caring they will just be deemed as "bad parents" by society .

3rd day

We went for job interview at Adam khoo's company . So we have this thing called the "elevator pitch" where we will be in an elevator with the upper-class man and you have to introduced yourself in order to get hired . The lift will travel up and down , and that's the only time you have . It was rather awkward , so i just speed through everything and i have no idea what am i even talking about . ANNDD I almost forgot to mention that we were supposed to come in formal clothes , the school even emphasized STRICTLY NO SHORT SKIRTS  . Guess what ? That's right ! A bunch of girls came to school with super short skirts , like HELLO ?!? WHICH PART OF NO SHORT SKIRTS DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ? 

4th day 

We had amazing race , where by we were given a few pictures ,and we have to guess where it is and go to that place with your class and take a photo with it . So the class with the most place gone wins . It seems pretty easy ey ? NOPE. we were given only 2 mrt and 2 bus rides ONLY . We had a few arguments along the way , cause everyone is just really exhausted from walking so much .I think the only thing i like about this activity is when we were given free food , we had Nasi Lemak , nasi lemak has never tasted so good in years man when you're really hungry 

5th Day

Well , we did nothing much except for some activities which i think is rather too boring to even mention. 

SOOO YEAHHH! That summarized my entire camp week !