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My 16th birthday

I just realised this is the 3rd time I'm writing post about my birthday , you know the jizz , I talk about how great my friends are and everything , then I'll post pictures of myself and the cake . This year's birthday celebration was pretty (eh). It wasn't too bad , I celebrated with my family in some japanese restraunt  and had strawberry shortcake . It was also the day which I confronted my sis about my SP(sleep paralysis) issue. 

To be honest , I am a little dissapointed? I don't know , or maybe I'm expecting something greater . I don't know why , but I just felt a little neglected . Like my friends just want to get it done and over with . I don't know , it could be just me overthinking again .Lol . Oh well ~ 

And thanks for the people that remembers my birthday (hehs)  

My Kawaii Haul Video is Up !!!

Yes! Finally after sooo long I've finally done my first haul video . Though this wasn't the initial haul I was gonna use for my first haul video but I thought I might as well make a video about it since , I received my parcel on that day which I happen to be free. I'm actually suppose to do a Bangkok haul , Taobao haul and New Year haul , but i kept procrastinating so I have yet to done it ..Hehe~ I think I mention it before In one of my previous  post that I'm gonna do a video . Anyways, I used up my entire weekend just to get the video done and posted up on youtube so go check it out later . I've also done a collaboration with my friend, Joanna , to do a video of some exotic snacks that i found online .. It's pretty funny how this Idea came about . So I was telling my friend how I saw this cheese burger chips, roasted chicken chips, potato kitkat ..etc online, and my friend was like ÖMG WE SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT IT!! but little did we know , we needed to be a prime member to buy it so we almost discard the idea but I found another site that sells exotic flavor chips as well .. I had a fun time editing the video with them cause It was HILARIOUS to zoom into their face xD SO YES! enough of talking !! GO CHECK OUT ! :D



If you watch the first video , you must be wondering if there's gonna be a Pringles challenge ? Yes there is , I just couldn't find the time to edit and post it up .. ;_; 

If you watched the second video , I was talking about this "hello kitty phone cord thingy" Yes , i managed to coil the damn thing for 3 hours ... Nevertheless i'm happy about it :'3 hehe

Here's the original photo for the thumbnail

Pokemon Cafe

I'm not exactly a huge fan of Pokemon but , you'll be surprised that my dad was the one that suggested we would eat at Pokemon Cafe and he had no clue what Pokemon is all about , he even pronounced it as (Poke - Mon)  . HAH . So If you don't know, It's located at Bugis Junction and it's only open from May 27 – Jul 31 . Good thing I came before It closes . Due to such short period of time , their food are wayyyyyyyy overpriced , we ordered some egg omelette (which basically just egg and rice) and that alone already cost us $20++ And they only had 4 main course meal , 2 of them are beef and I can't eat beef so we were only left with egg omelette and fries and just 2 drinks . All that already cost us $100++ ;__; Well duhh after all we are just paying for the aesthetic and the ambience of the place . Though I must say... the cafe is pretty small . But frikkin hell people are willing to queue up . The food wasn't too bad , it's just too pricey . Other then that , It's worth visiting still . They also give 1 free cup for every main dish purchased .

GDLSS Musical Performance @ Kallang theatre

So the school wanted to commemorate 10th year anniversary with a school musical which I'm really proud to say that my CCA was given a really huge role for that one , it's also the first time that the school gave my CCA such big role to play in as often our CCA is known for being "slackers". It's really sad , because when i first came to this school, I have people not knowing the existence of theatricks(drama) And when i asked people . I often get "Is  there even such CCA?" "They rarely appear in any performance" So this musical was really a huge deal for us . Sadly , the sec 4's were not allowed to perform , so the sec 1's had to take over . It made me a little jealous cause back when I was Sec 1 , all i get to do is sit and watch as the senior rehearse for their SYF . It was soooo boring , I skip CCA for an entire year in Sec 2 .

Anyways, Our dress code was "smart casual" and knowing some people , they came in all sorts outfit that you would not have thought of wearing to go for a frikkin theatre lmao . Some even came as though as they were going for clubbing , like those skimpy tight and short dress . 

On the same day, I was also fasting with my fellow malay friend along with my chinese friends . Apparently , I was left the only one fasting since most of them simply could not take it . I last through the ordeal and finally made it through . I was really proud of myself , I even brushed my teeth just to make sure my breath doesn't stink .

what is fasting?

Fasting is another unique moral and spiritual characteristic of Islam. Literally defined, fasting means to abstain "completely" from foods, drinks, intimate intercourse and smoking, before the break of the dawn till sunset, during the entire month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic year.

The performance was great! Though I already knew what's gonna happen which made it a little less exciting but I can see that they are trying their best .. Even though there was some technical issue at the start with the microphone , they didn't let it bother them ! :3 GREAT JOB (Y) (though they won't see this....) speaking of CCA , I wanna share something a little personal (i'll make it short) So when our teachers gave us the permit for the sec 4's to step down , straight after that I didn't want to come for CCA anymore  ( even though there was days that we were suppose to come back but i did not)  I felt that there wasn't a need to do so since i already received my CCA points . But , I missed a day which was supposed to be a farewell party for the sec 4's . My friend helped me keep the cards and everything which was meant for me and i felt a lil emotional bc I've always felt like an outcast . So really..thx.. i appreciate it c: ! (though they won't be reading this lulz) 

SOOO BACK TO THE TOPIC! YES THE PERFORMANCE,... so after the performance, my friends and I wanted to grab a dinner cause we have not been eating . It was already very late and most of the shops are closed .. there were some "disputes" here and there and it made me feel a lil anxious . Everyone is all hungry and tired .. except for me.. I wasn't hungry despite not eating anything except for water . I just wanted to stay a lil longer with my friends ....... So in the end most of us settle down in Waterway Point for KFC (cuz it was the only few restaurants that's open and also bc it's 24hrs) I order some zinger meal that cost me $8 and I barely even eat it , I've also spilled my drink (happens all the time...eh) So i tried to use a tissue to squeezed the water back into the cup , that somehow attract my friends attention for some reason .. It was already wayyyy past my curfew , like around 12am+ and this was the first time my parent allowed me to stay outside for this long .. I was surprised , they did called but , they didn't sound angry at all . In the end , I had to call my Parents to fetch one of my friend home , afterwards the rest of my friend went home as well ... It was a tiring day but it was also one of the day which I will definitely not forget !

i feel so fat here ;-;

VIA Programe

So this happen during the June holiday which is just last month , and as you can see, i've been really buzy lately that i didn't even have time to update stuff that happen for the past few months . I  literally spend most of my time devoted to art . Anyways , I didn't had enough CIP points so i had to go for Flagday. So basically, I have to go around collecting money with a tin can. I seen a lot of people of my age did it , but honestly that was my first time doing it . Man... It was so darn nerve wrecking especially since i'm doing this alone cause i'm a transferred student (long story) I had to wear this red t-shirt which says YMCA . It's been a rather interesting experience , I actually managed to step out of my comfort zone and asked people to donate (That's the hardest part) esp since being an introvert , approaching people can be terrifying though I panicked a lil . There was some happy moments where some of the people were really friendly and generous , and there were some whom were just simply utterly DISGUSTING .

So I stood at 1 spot for pretttyyyyy long time that the auntie who was giving out flyers emphatize with me and donated to me as a form of encouragement ? It was really heart - warming though , cause it's like we could understand each other's pain of standing for so long . Though that was part of her job and possibly mine too . You know, I realised something ... Usually people who has lesser gives the most . You see people with branded bags often just ignores you

 The saddest thing is, the vast majority of people that donated were mostly people in their 40's or older. people pls..

 It can be rather discouraging if you just walk pass a person who asked you for donation , esp someone like me that often needs to muster a lot of courage to simply even ask. If you don't want to donate , simply acknowledge with a "no thx" or maybe even just a nod . Don't just walk past like i'm invisible , it's just kind of rude(??) If you're one of those people ... please acknowledge them. It's already hard enough for them to be standing for so long , it's exhausting and tiring . The least you could do , is acknowledge their existance . Sometimes, it gives the person more courage when you donate to them , it makes them feel that all the pain is all worth it! It doesn't even matter how much you donate . It's the thought that counts!

Overall , It's a great experience! :)