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Happy (not so) Chinese New Year

As a chinese , I have no idea what I'm suppose to do and what I'm not suppose to do , It's not like my parents didn't tell me but I just thought It doesn't really matter? I dont take note of these little details and I end up asking my parents every year what to do . For example , you're suppose to say some chinese phrase when someone gives a red packet but I jus awkwardly took them and say Umm ok thx? ._. which made me sound a lil rude . I don't even take note when is CNY and when it ends ffs am i living under a well or what ? I'm pretty sure i'll end up forgetting next year and the year after that and the year after that and the year after that. 
Anyway , it's been 2 months and I have not blog about my life, i would blame it on school but really i'm just hella lazy . Anyway , school has been alright so far , I have great classmates and teachers. I wasn't able to fulfill my new year resolution of becoming invisible.

As for CNY celebration , I didn't visit any of my relatives so that's good ! more time for myself . But then that means my parents will drag me into going crowded places for like the 10th times this year .I'd rather stay at home , in the comfort of my own room, with a book in hand and a nice comfy bed THATS ALL.  But my parent thinks my social well being will be ruined if I stay at home all the time.

In a nutshell , Cny was boring , but I like boring so I guess I had a great new year this year

Korea and SH Disney Land

So last december I went Korea and SH Disney land for a holiday. It was a 1 week trip and I wanted to do a vlog from day 1 to day 7 kind of thing but I lost track so MEH , I've been dreading to make this post because there's just sooo much photo to manage .But any way that's beside the point. 
Korea was pretty pretty cold when I got there , and I had to wear 3-4 layers of clothing to keep myself warm , I probably look like I've gained extra 10 kg (you'll see what I mean later from the photos below) AND MY FACE WASN'T IN THE FAVOR OF THE WEATHER. My face was peeling ,drying and dying . It was so painful to even apply moisturizer on my face cause its so god damn dry .I don't even know how these korean people can literally have flawless skin . Not to mention how drop dead gorgeous most of them are , I've never felt so out of place in my life before the moment I step into this realm of perfect wonderness of flawless people. If you stayed long enough ,you'll even be tempted to do whatever it takes to be flawless and beautiful . That's just how sad the world has become, the double standard of beauty has becoming increasingly more and more painful to follow to the point where going under the knife it's not a decision but a necessity especially Korea . My mum and I bought like tons of face mask cause 80% of their shops sells FACE MASK . I'm not even exaggerating . It's every face mask addict dream to be surround with so many variety of face mask , not to mention it's cheap too xD

I can probably write a 5 page essay about my trip , but that would be too boring so , just enjoy the photos even though they are not in sequence  .Meh.


                                                                     SH Disney Land