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Love is a game

So I had this friend , let's call her Jenna, so Jenna had recently broke up with her boyfriend . She found out he was cheating on her. I won't go in to detail with the cliche bits cause we all know too well how this would go . Knowing Jenna , she wasn't all that affected by the break up despite being one of her longest relationship . I asked her why's that and she told me that there is no point holding on to something that you know it won't be yours . To be very honest , I don't quite agree with her . Though she did made a good point .

But here's the thing , I don't think Jenna has ever been truly in love with a guy before . She's the type of person that will get what she wants , and she pretty much got herself multiple cheap love with her looks . What do I mean by "cheap love" ? It means to obtain someone without much effort or knowing full well that particular someone is bound to be yours . She skipped the whole friends to crush thing . she went from stranger to lover then back to stranger .

Nobody can ever explain to you how actual love feels like unless you feel it yourself . But let me tell you , once you love someone unconditionally and whole heartedly , you'll never find the same feeling in someone else . Though it's such a pity that someone that you love so unconditionally wants to delete you from their life . But that's what makes love last , because it's hard to find someone that you love so much to feel the same way as you do .

most of us skip the crush bit as we hate to go through the painful process of knowing there's a possibility of getting rejected . So instead we find someone just like us who ,too, is afraid of rejection and use that as a safety pin .

Love is a game ,

You either win or lose

A game that only wins

Is a lousy game